At Schools

To sow seeds of divine light
To take them on a heavenly flight
To fill their minds with love and peace
Aha! Here comes the Mogly's

To purify their little hearts
To illumine all their inner parts
To remove all sorrow, sadness cease
Aha! Here comes the Mogly's

To connect with the higher truth
To make sure they have everlasting youth
Blowing like a fragrant breeze
Aha! Here comes the Mogly's

Mogly's Gurukul is a spiritually inclined value based program for schools. The program is especially designed to provide children with a fun filled yet enriching experience and learning of our rich cultural heritage and moral values.

The core foundation of this program is based on divine virtues, elements of nature, Gods & Goddesses and colourful festivals. These aspects have been strung together in a sing song play way manner which exudes tremendous positive energy.

The most prominent outcome of this program is the fact that children exposed to this curriculum develop an inner strength and turn 'within' for guidance. We believe that positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness. Hence the basis of all sessions is creating an environment filled with positive vibrations to help children assimilate everything.

This holistic learning also embraces an element to strengthen the parent child relationship in the form of a 'take-home activity' to be done with parents, family and/or society.

Mogly's Gurukul is a 9 month program which fits beautifully in the school's annual curriculum. This is most suited for children between the ages of 2+ to 10 – i.e. Pre Nursery to Class 5. Each 45 minute class elaborates the 'virtue/God of the month' through storytelling, enactments, art & craft activity, meditation, yoga, yagya, kirtan and so on.

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