Wish to celebrate your birthday with Ganesh
peeping out of the class and sprinkling blessings?
Wish to dance with Krishna on your Birthday or prance with Hanuman?
Want to do a Shivling pooja or a Devi Ma's Abhishek?
We have a divine venue where we do any of the above and much more,
Where the vibrations are just fantastic and the activities are simply adorable
Food is sublime and gifts divine.
Or else we can come to you along with your favourite God and His mighty magic!

Birthdays are special! However, they can be made extra special with some Divine intervention!!

Your children may have a favourite God or you may want the blessings of all Gods showered upon them and their friends… Make 'Mogly's centre or Mogly's Farm the venue.

The centre is extremely child friendly, well-furnished and fully equipped with children's toys, games, messy art & crafts and a hygienic kitchen.

Celebrating birthdays at Mogly's centre includes fun filled, empowered theme sessions around the mythological theme of your choice. It also includes home

cooked food…as yummy as it can get!!

A celebration at the Mogly's Farm is a beautiful way of giving everyone an opportunity to develop a sense of wonder and joy for the natural world. Along with the vast expanse of nature, other attractions at the farm include an exciting play area with swings, trampoline and sandpit.

Not to forget that each child is showered with exciting gifts and the special one is saved for the Birthday child! Mogly's celestial ambience coupled with our guest list of rich multi-cultural folklore makes birthdays a truly memorable day.

Mogly's is always happy to conduct a unique theme session at a venue of your choice too!!

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