Shishupalan (Expecting moms)

Expectant mothers do come where its bright
To fill your womb with droplets of light

The sanskaars of the children are dependent on the sanskaars of the expectant mother. Research has proved that learning begins in the womb and that a mother, who imbibes positive traits, automatically gives birth to a child of great virtue. Let's start from the womb since well begun is half done. We begin from whenever you become aware of your pregnancy.

Eg. Little Prahlad learnt the divine and positive sanskaars from Naradji while he was in his mother's womb. He was born in a totally negative environment; yet he was a child of wonderfully positive charm and extraordinary traits. This learning is given to us by our ancient traditions and scriptures.

Modern research also shows that after birth children react to whatever music they have been exposed to in the womb. Hence this session also includes guided meditation, divine instrumental music, jaap, tratak, pranayama (guided breathing for achieving relaxation and harmony) in addition to learning from the Scriptures and absorbing divine virtues

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