Gurukul and Bhagwatam 

Gurukul Programme: The core foundation of this programme is based on divine virtues, elements of nature, Gods and Goddesses and colourful festivals. These aspects have been strung together in a sing song playway manner which exudes tremendous positive energy. This holistic learning also embraces an element to strengthen the parent child relationship in the form of a 'take home activity'.

Srimad Bhagwatam: An 8 day program-  Bhagwat katha is a series of short stories told to King Parikshit with lessons and morals which transcend time and era. It contains wisdom from the ancient world that is just as relevant in the modern times.

Children and youngsters can greatly benefit from the knowledge contained within this sacred text and apply it to their daily lives. Come and enjoy the experience of the higher self.

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