Story Telling

To imbibe harmony, end all quarrels
Here are wonderful stories with morals

A Child's first learning comes from the vibrations around them. The next milestone is learning through sound. Story telling exposes them to the spoken word and the visual world through the spoken word. Emotions, expressions, expansion of the brain capacity, creative imagination is the natural outcome of this wonderful combination.

Watching a story can be so much fun. Kids take home values learned through simple puppet stories and enactments, designed with the underlying objective to develop listening skills, observation and active participation & the story telling experts at Mogly's ensure that they comprehend the true message and have fun too!

8 classes, one class per week of 45 minutes each

Every class includes a story telling session from Amar Chitra Katha/ETL books. This is called the 'Book Club' module. This module will help children develop a healthy reading habit.

The Art & Craft and games module in every class include activities and games which enhance the overall development of the child. It's learning along with fun & play.

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